An Interview with Captain Dan Woody

An Interview with Captain Dan Woody

He’s the kind of person who always brings positivity to fishing, even when the bite is slow or luck’s against him. Friendly, sportsmanlike and helpful, Captain Dan Woody of the Syked Out is both a reliable friend and a great fisherman. He sends reports from the water when others can’t. He gives words of encouragement when others wont. And, in his standard getup of visor, shades, and tucked-in tee, he’s the first to gladly celebrate the successes of his competition.

Earlier this month, the Syked Out won the first leg of the Series, the Bohicket Marina Invitational Billfish Tournament. We reached out to Dan to get his take on the Syked Out team and their recent win, as well as to gather some tips for the Annual Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament taking place this Memorial Day Weekend.

How many years have you been captain of the Syked Out? What’s special about working with the Syked Out team?

“I have been with Dave Sykes and captain of the Syked Out since 2007. Dave gives me complete control over how and where we fish. For the most part we have maintained the same crew over the past 11 years. This is special because you are fishing with the same team constantly, everyone knows their job, you see them improve over the years. We are not fishing the same way we did 11 years ago! Having a crew that can change and grow is important. It’s hard to do but it pays off!”

Tell us about your win at Bohicket!

“Bohicket was tough! The fish didn’t eat, weed was horrible, you were limited to where and how you could fish! With only 1 sailfish caught in the first 2 days our blue marlin release at 8:28 Saturday morning put us in a fine position. Every boat in the tournament needed to catch a blue marlin plus an additional billfish to knock us out of 1st. 


I never thought 3:00 would get there. But, it did! If it hadn’t been for tough luck on a few other boats we would not have survived 1st place. But that’s fishing!!

Now that you’ve won the first leg of the Series, tell us a bit (without giving away too many secrets of course) about your strategy for the next leg, the Annual Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament.

“Going into Georgetown I hope the fish are hungrier and the weed is lined up or gone. We’ll be fishing much the same way we did at Bohicket. As the water heats up and more sailfish arrive we will make adjustments but for the most part it will involve dredges, circle hooks with a few J’s mixed in.”

“I would like to thank the management of Bohicket for putting on a wonderful tournament and being very generous with their proceeds. Thank you for giving back to the fishermen!”

Congratulations to Captain Dan Woody, owner Dave Sykes, and the rest of the Syked Out team for an early win in the Series! We’ll see y’all in Georgetown for leg two!

Next Up

For our next post on The Teaser, we’ll be back with results from the Annual Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament. Good luck to everyone fishing this week! Catch ‘em up!

The Teaser is a series dedicated to showcasing the stories of the Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series and its lively community. The Gov Cup was created several decades ago to encourage the conservation of ocean resources through the tagging and release of billfish. Learn more here.

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