Boat Name Backstories: A Closer Look

Boat Name Backstories: A Closer Look

A transom is much more than the stern of a boat. It’s an indicator of tumblehome, a divider between fish and angler, and a canvas for individuality and creativity. By simply walking the docks during a tournament, you can learn about a boat’s builder and home port, or an owner’s sense of humor or business. Whether decked out in reflective teak or painted to match the hull, transoms always tell a story. 

In this week’s article on The Teaser, we’re taking a closer look at a handful of transoms we’ve come to know during the Gov Cup, getting an inside scoop on the stories behind the name.


Bad Becky

Mrs. Becky Burns was known to everyone as a feisty and strong willed woman. Petite and with ample personality, she never met a stranger, and upon first meeting a new face, she’d often introduce herself as “Bad Becky.” After the powerhouse matriarch passed away in 2015, leaving behind her loving children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, her son Claude wanted to honor her memory. Every day, whether sitting dockside or battling blues, he and his family are reminded of their Bad Becky. And, as evidenced by the team’s successes over the past near half-decade, we think it’s fair to say that the sport fisher is making her namesake proud.

Bad Becky showing off her new transom_credit Cameron J Rhodes & SC Governor's Cup (2).jpg


The source of this name, pronounced “Mike-a-bee”, is no surprise when you get to know the boat’s owner. Mr. Mike Larrow, a dedicated family man who competes in tournaments alongside his children and grandchildren, named the boat after his son and two daughters, Michael, Carolyn, and Beth. The name Micabe, a clever combination of his children’s names, graces the transom of the very vessel that brings the Larrows together. It’s certainly a fitting name for a boat that is always tied to family, even when fishing competitively.

The crew aboard the Micabe_credit SC Governor's Cup and Cameron J. Rhodes (1).jpg

 Miss Wy

When we reached out to the Miss Wy team, Stokely Holder sent us this beautiful backstory. We copied and pasted it for you all to see.

“The Miss Wy is owned by Ed Holder, the patriarch of the Holder family and their fishing team. The matriarch is Wyline Holder, “Wy” or “Miss Wy” as she’s affectionately known to family and friends. Ed and his beauty-queen wife, Wy, married 47 years ago and have 4 children: Paul, Stokely, Whitney and Lindsey.

Over 35 years ago, after having their 4 children over the span of just 4.5 years (after doctors said they wouldn’t have any), Ed bought their first boat - an 18 ft McKee Craft. Wisely, he decided on a name for the boat that might pacify Wy when he was away on the water - Miss Wy. It was also the first of many boats the whole family and their friends would enjoy spending time on, whether on the lakes of the upstate or the salt water of Litchfield and Georgetown.

Decades and 5 versions later, the Miss Wy is now a 53’ Ricky Scarborough. At the dock or on the fishing grounds, you’ll see members of the Holder family on their boat, to include some of Ed and Wy’s 8 grandkids. You’ll also see some of their adopted boat family of in-laws and good friends, who Ed and Wy treat as their own.

The Holder family and the Miss Wy fishing team have been a constant for many years in the Governor’s Cup Series. While Wy is known as a selfless saint who is ever-present for her family, grands and friends, her quiet battle with multiple sclerosis for over 30 years now keeps her from the boat and water. But, as the name on the transom of their boat indicates, Wy remains the pride of Ed and the family. As they say, ‘She is to our family as the very epoxy is to our boat, we are all stronger because of her.’”

Family time on the Miss Wy_credit Cameron J. Rhodes.jpg

Have a Backstory to Share?

If you’d like to share the story behind your boat name, send an email to [email protected] to be featured in another round of Boat Name Backstories.

 The Teaser is a series dedicated to showcasing the stories of the Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series and its lively community. The Gov Cup was created several decades ago to encourage the conservation of ocean resources through the tagging and release of billfish. Learn more here.

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